10 Reasons You Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

in this blog post, I share today 10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS.

Why do you need a Kayak Fishing GPS?

Having a GPS on your fishing kayak could be the distinction between a lackluster day on the water and a successful fishing journey with a plentiful catch.

A fishing GPS, popularly known as a fishfinder, plays a crucial role for anglers, especially when fishing in deep waters. However, the common misconception out there is that fishfinders are incompatible with kayak fishing.

The opinion put forward is that since kayak fishing is mostly done in shallow waters, where it is easy to see the bottom; a fishfinder is not required.

On the contrary, a kayak fishing GPS can be a game-changer to any determined angler. It offers a myriad of benefits to enable you to have a satisfying day out at sea. So, if you’ve skeptical about setting up a fish finder on your kayak, here are 10 reasons why you need a kayak fishing GPS! read also: How To Avoid Crayfish When Carp Fishing (GUIDE)

What is a Kayaking GPS?

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

A kayaking GPS, or fishfinder, is a device utilized by boaters and paddlers to locate fish under the water. It employs SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system technology to achieve this. Altogether, it is an invaluable piece of equipment for the modern angler, as well as hobbyists looking to take part in fishing as a leisure activity.

Typically, a fishfinder comes with a digital screen where it displays the location of the fish. This technology first came into prominence in the 90s but has undergone a fair share of advancements to be the exciting innovation it is today.

The latest fishfinder brands include extra features like radar, electronic compass, and GPS to make the gadget more practical and reliable.

Why Should You Get a Kayak Fishing GPS?

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

Allows you to See What’s at the Bottom

fishfinder offers you a true picture of what lies at the bed of the sea. From the feeding fish and structure to channels and holes, it enables you to establish how deep your lures should be.

Knowing what’s at the bottom should tell you about the prospects of fishing in that area, as well as how fast you should be paddling. Sometimes when angling inshore, you may find yourself in a deep area where snooks usually hang around.

Such areas could have canals, passes, channels, and backwaters with deep holes. It is important to understand the nature of the bottom contour, especially when you can’t see it with your naked eyes. For instance, you could be paddling over a hole at the bottom holding a fish in the canal, but you’d never be able to figure this out without a fishfinder. read also: Tiny Fishing Cool Math Games: A Fun And Educational Experience

Tells You Where the Bait is

Any skilled angler will tell you that you never go after the fish, but rather the bait; it’s where the bigger prize is lurking! Once you know what the predatory fish is looking for, it will be easier to locate your target.

A fishfinder plays an instrumental role in locating spots where baitfish converge and help you rule out areas where they don’t. This way, you avoid wasting precious time trying to catch fish where they are not available.

Also, if you manage to find a large school of bait, then you can rest assured that your target is not too far away. Locating the bait will also come in handy if you want to catch live bait to use somewhere else. Using a cast net allows you to catch enough bait to last for an extended fishing expedition. The best way to find these baitfish is by using a fish finder.

Enables you to Navigate and Find Your Way Home

One of the best features of modern fishfinders is the inclusion of GPS. This lets you mark your spots, plot a course, as well as find your way back to your launching spot in the event of a long-range kayaking adventure.

GPS essentially helps you to track the course and leave a trail that is automatically programmed into the gadget. One advantage kayaks have over boats is that they can access narrow channels that boats cannot.

On the flip side, it is not easy to turn around and even lose your way when exploring these remote fishing areas. This is why the GPS in your depth finder comes in so handy! It will track the course you follow throughout the day and make it available when you want to go back home. read also: Simms Vs Patagonia Waders: G3 Vs Swiftcurrent Comparison

While there is always the alternative of using a smartphone to determine your location, you have to consider that a fishfinder is more convenient.

Not only is the device waterproof but it also comes with a mount that allows for hands-free functionality. This is unlike a phone, which you have to fidget with and risk dropping in the water. Furthermore, the battery on depth finders does not run out, even if you are using the device for a day-long expedition.

Shows you the Habitat

Given that most fishfinders come with built-in mapping technology, you’ll be able to see the structure of the water below you. Once you know the underwater structure, especially the size, you’ll have an idea of how much fish it can hold at any time of the year.

You can also use this information to conduct further research once you get home. Whether there is a shipwreck, a fallen log, or even a rocky outcrop, the structure allows you to tell that there will always be fish around.

These things can only be established when you have a fishfinder. Furthermore, the inclusion of GPS and mapping technology in the devices means that you can mark the spots on a digital map to know where to return on your next fishing excursion. A quick scan of the identified habitat tells you whether the fish are home or not, and this is why a fishing kayak GPS becomes so vital to a fisherman.

Displays the Temperature of the Water

Temperature is another parameter that can readily be determined if you have a smartphone. However, you might find yourself in a remote area where the reception is poor or your weather app can simply fail to work.

Not to mention that the phone will show you the air temperature, and not the water temperature. That is why you need a fishfinder, as it can help you tell whether there is a natural feature like a spring-fed creek based on the temperature. Furthermore, the temperature of the water enables you to get an idea of how it affects fish movement. read also: Best Ultralight Fishing Pole For Beginners

Allows You to Determine the Depth of Water

If you are the kind of kayaker who likes to take a dip into the water occasionally to explore whatever’s underneath, knowing the water’s depth saves you energy and time by sparing you the guesswork on a nice spot to jump with the hope of encountering an interesting reef feature.

It is also good for your safety so that you don’t risk diving too deep and running out of air before you can resurface.

Allows for More Accurate Catches

A kayak fishing GPS provides greater details of what’s under the vessel, especially in deep waters where you can’t see through. The device can show you the individual fish within a school. This way, you can be sure of when to cast your rod, especially if you’re hunting for a particular fish species.

The presence of baitfish doesn’t necessarily mean that the predatory fish are around. A fish finder allows you to confirm this!

Tells you the Speed of the Kayak

Some modern fishfinders are designed with a speedometer as a built-in feature to let you monitor the speed of the boat. This is very important because some fish species are easily scared away by the slightest commotion.

Paddling your boat too fast may be the reason why your prey keeps on getting away before you cast your rod. With a fish finder, you can keep your speed in check and be stealthier as you approach the fish.

Keeps you Alert at all Times

Modern fishfinders come with a slew of extra features that ensures no fish passes by without you noticing. The ability to zoom what’s in the water and the integration of fish alarms in the gadget ensures you know just the right time to cast your rod. This goes a long way to improve your prospects of hooking the fish you’re targeting. read also: Best Fishing Poles For Bass For Beginners

It might just be the difference between a disappointing catch and an impressive haul.

Offers you the Fishing Latest Technology

A kayak fishing GPS gives you access to the latest technology in sea navigation! It comes packed with a wide range of innovative features that enable you to be fully aware of the environment around you. This not only increases the chances of success for your angling adventure but also makes it more fun and interesting.

Furthermore, the device is extremely user-friendly, so even first-timers won’t have too much of a problem using it.

What is the Best Kayak Fishing GPS?

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

Garmin Striker

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

Garmin is a big brand that requires no introduction when it comes to the world of GPS technologies. So, you know you’re getting quality from this remarkable kayak fishing GPS. It is equipped with a wide range of features to make for a successful day on the water.

The overall lightweight construction makes it a convenient tool to carry on your fishing excursions and even mount on your vessel.

The Garmin Striker features a 3.5” full-color display for crystal clear viewing while its keypad-style controls allow for intuitive and easy operation. You’ll have a comfortable time navigating between screens and interpreting the data displayed. A built-in GPS means you can never get lost at sea and a CHIRP-enabled transducer helps to enhance its practicality.


  • Easy to set up
  • Works well at depths
  • Extremely portable
  • Good value for money
  • Multiple extra features


  • Not very straightforward

HawkEye Fishtrax

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

The Hawkeye Fishtrax is a very portable fishfinder that will come in handy during trolling or jigging. It is available in three different iterations. The first two feature a black-and-white display while the third one comes in a coloured display for higher definition. Because of this, it is more costly but generally worth the extra cost.

Aside from the color viewing, it also features a dedicated flasher feature, as well as the ability to be mounted on the vessel, making for versatile kayak fishing gear. Finally, you’ll appreciate the super-detailed underwater images displayed by the gadget.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Color display
  • Waterproof


  • A little bit expensive

LUCKY Portable Handheld Fishfinder

10 Reasons you Need A Kayak Fishing GPS

If you’re looking for an affordable Kayak fishing GPS, the LUCKY portable handheld fish finder will be a reliable option. Despite this, it delivers satisfactory performance once you get on the water.

The device can detect up to a depth of 328ft and produces a 45-degree beam to go with 200kHz in detection.

Just like its higher-priced competitors on the market, the LUCKY fishfinder can display the water depth, underwater structures, fish size, water temperature, fish depth, etc. It is also designed with a fabric loop that you can wear around your neck for easy access.


  • Easy to set up
  • Cheap
  • Various feature settings
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Rechargeable


  • Manufacturer’s defects


With a kayak fishing GPS, you no longer have to go fishing “blindly”! This innovative device has all the features to make for a successful angling trip while ensuring that you never paddle yourself to oblivion. So, if you’re yet to install a fishfinder on your vessel, there has never been a better time.


Are Fishfinders Worth it?

Fishfinders are invaluable if you want to come out of the water with a serious catch. They come with a slew of features that make for an efficient angling experience, allowing you to detect where the fish are, the structure under the water, as well as the availability of bait. All this allows you to cast your rod when you’re sure something is going to bite.

Are Kayaks Good for Fishing?

Lately, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in kayak fishing. It is a trendy activity today and thanks to this, manufacturers are upping their game to produce more stable and portable canoes. The latest models of kayak make for a convenient fishing vessel that provides fishermen in urban settings with countless access points.

Do I Need a Fishfinder on My Kayak?

A fish finder helps to make your whole experience on the water much easier. With this gadget, you’ll be able to save precious time when searching for the fish and not have to worry about getting lost at sea. This is just a fraction of the benefits offered by a fishfinder, so it will be a good idea to have one on your boat.

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