How to Catch Lapin and Kikla

How to Catch Lapin and Kikla 2023

How to Catch Lapin and Kikla, I know you will say, where did these fish come from since they are not caught very often and have no economic value? However, the fact of the matter is that these two fish species belonging to the same family are very easy and effortless to catch, even if the meat is not very tasty.

It can be a good choice, especially for amateur anglers who are new to fishing to gain experience and get used to fishing. Although the name of these fish is ” Grass Fish ”, do not be fooled by what is said. It’s true that he travels more on the grass, but I don’t think there’s any point in humiliating him that much.

How to Catch Lapin and Kikla

The biggest difference between kikla and lapin is their teeth. While there are no teeth in the lapis, there are 2 crushing teeth in the upper and lower jaws in the cirque. However, the habitats and diets of both fish are similar.

Cycla is a docile fish that roams among grass and rocks and feeds on sea creatures living in the same environment. However, one of the main food sources is crustacean varieties.

Cyclas have no chance to stand in front of all crustaceans whose shells can break due to the teeth they have. The only pressure on crustaceans is opportunism, since there are no teeth in the lapis. The common feature of both fish is their hard lip structures.

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How to Catch Lapin and Kikla

Both types are similar in taste. Unlike other fish, it has no taste and is not cooked. However, knowledgeable hunters hunt these fish for the purpose of making “soup”, not for frying, grilling, or barbecuing. This is a classic among fish lovers, it is recommended to make soup immediately for those whose meat is not tasty. 

But just because of this, I want you to know that I know dozens of people who hunt lapin and kikla every year in autumn. I know very well that it will be a soup that you will be addicted to with good training and method.

If you want to catch lapin or kikla, you should choose between August and October. As with all fish, these species get oily before winter and become more hunters.

Which Feeds Are Used?

Without diversifying the bait to be used, it is enough to say that mussels are my favorite and always used bait. But how will you use it? Classically, we cut the mussel and dry it and attach it to the needle. However, what you need to do is to separate the shell of a whole mussel and then transfer all the meat to the side where the tendon is located. 

In this case, you will be left with an empty cover. If you can’t find mussels, the only bait I can say as an alternative will be shrimp, but unfortunately, your chance of catching target fish will be much less because there will be gin and other herb fish varieties where there are lapin and cyclax.

Fishing Rod to Use

It is not a very complex setup. What you need to do is to complete your fishing rod assembly with a maximum 9-number fly hook that you will connect to the fishing line with a maximum thickness of 0.20 mm. But I have a little surprise for you, you will not be using this setup with your rod/reel set. 

So you have to use it as a hand fishing rod. Because the places I will talk about in a sub-title will only be wall edges and your set will not work in any way. You should hunt by attaching the bait you have prepared as I just mentioned, together with the shell, to the hook. 

While doing this, wrap the needle around the tendon ligament (white parts of the meat) and insert it into the main meat. The purpose of using a tendon is to ensure that the bait descends in a solid form. After making sure that it will not fall, lower it into the water with its shell again and hunt by waiting.

Where to Find?

The first place I will tell you about my experience, especially from the hunts I have seen and participated in for years in Istanbul, is the stairs in Yenikapı. You can also try the breakwater in Yeşilköy, the place where concrete and rocks are connected in Avcılar, and the other stairs that combine with deep water in Tarabya.

Tips and Considerations

  • They are very intelligent and well-seeing fish. So remember to hide your needle and use a fine fishing line.
  • The purpose of choosing a small needle is to try to eat the fish by exploiting the bait. The needle must enter his mouth as he tries to eat by sucking after taking it into his mouth.
  • When the fish strikes, you should immediately leash it. Otherwise, your chances of catching the fish will decrease due to the hard jaw structure.

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