How To Tie Bait For Bluefish Or Bluefish

How To Tie Bait For Bluefish Or Bluefish fishing rods are available to all fishermen, but they differ in fishing from a boat or from the shore. Since I am a coastal hunter, let me tell you what the fishing line you will throw from the shore is. First of all, you should choose a needle according to the size of the fish. The size of the needle for the bluefish should be 1 at most. Yet, along with the size of the needle, the length of the handle is very important.

How To Tie Bait For Bluefish Or Bluefish

Threaded fish can cut the line. Fishing line control is very important, especially since the bluefish will jump on the water with both forward and backward movements. Don’t forget, this fish is neither pulled too fast nor too slow. Just take control of the fish and don’t get excited. Ben Bluefish or bluefish I prepare my fishing rod classically, but with one difference:

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How To Tie Bait For Bluefish Or Bluefish

As you can see, the needles are tied with the kevlar thread used in big fishing. You can tie it to the fishing line body with a classic two-line connecting knot. Kevlar will act as insurance here. There is no guarantee that Kevlar will not be cut, but the main purpose is to prolong the life of that area.

This is the biggest disadvantage of fishing rods called thief. With such a method, you can extend your life and increase your chances of catching the fish on your fishing line. Some fishermen may think that such a method will attract the attention of the fish and make them uneasy. However, the trick is the shape of the bait and how it is attached to the fishing line:

How To Tie Bait For Bluefish Or Bluefish

To put it simply, it doesn’t matter if you catch horse mackerel yourself, one of his favorite bait, or buy it from the fisherman. First, make sure the fish is dead. Then cut off the tail first and in the second stage, use a sharp knife from the end of the gill to reach 1 cm behind the cut you have made in the tail. Tomorrow. In the final step, insert the needles into the mouth of the fish and stab it towards its back.

The needle at the end should be close to the tail. If possible, try to catch the detail in the picture while tying the needles. The needle catcher at the tip is the first needle bait holder. Here, the chance of the fish to see or cut the kevlar is significantly reduced because of the fish’s own meat. float it in the water before throwing it, you will see that it moves like a live fish. Especially in the current, imagine that this fishing rod is in the water.

The bait size will be directly proportional to the size of the fish you are trying to catch. For example, if there are fish 20 cm in size, the ideal is to use barren and provide the needle as close to the tail as possible. However, if the fish is larger, stab near the ridge to avoid risking your hooks. Big fish, big bite

A few pictures from when I used this method:

The reason why I said not to remove the inside of the fish was to act in accordance with the hunting substance with smell, which is the biggest weapon of this type of predatory fish when detecting their prey.

This year, I have told many people about the throat, especially this year, and I have seen those who use it. I have touched on this subject before on another site and I have quoted it here and there in this article. If you see another amateur fisherman attaching the bait this way, remember that this is the source

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