Yo-zuri and Rapala Type Fake Baits

Yo-zuri and Rapala Type Fake Baits

Yo-Zuri and Rapala Type Fake Baits, We went to the outfitter and, for example, we want to buy a Yo-zuri brand fake bait. How should we choose? In previous articles, I wrote that we should start with the type of fish we want to catch first.

For example, Yo-zuri Tobimaru Jr. is one of the most commonly used fake bait for bluefish and bluefish hunting around Istanbul. This is followed by the lower-priced Daiwa Princess model fake bait.

Yo-zuri and Rapala Type Fake Baits

Rapala Skitter Pop can be considered ideal for sea bass. As you can see, it is easier to reach the goal with an experienced bait. However, in some cases, your feelings and knowledge can help you.

Now, let’s have a simple look at the model names and color codes that have become almost standard in this type of bait:

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The leading models and colors of this brand, which is mostly used in boat fishing in our country, are as follows:

Original Floater: Silver ( S ), Fire Tiger ( FT ), Rainbow Trout ( RT ) 
– Sea Bass, Crane, Bluefish, Mackerel.

Clackin’ Rap: Fire Tiger ( FT ), Clown ( CL )
– Crane, Freshwater Perch.

Jointed: Rainbow Trout ( RT ), Bleeding Perl ( BP )
– Sea Bass, Lamb, Bluefish.

Countdown Magnum: Red Head (RH), Fire Tiger (FT)
– Sinarit, Leer, Bluefish.

Husky: Yellow Perch ( YP ), Shad ( SD )
– Crane, Sea Bass

Skitter Pop: Red Head ( RH ), Mullet ( MU )
– Sea Bass.

Skitter Walk: Silver Mullet ( SMU ), Red Head ( RH )
– Perch, Crane.

X-Rap Shad: Fire Tiger ( FT ), Clown ( CL )
– Crane, Sinarit, Bluefish.


It is the brand that most appeal to the fish varieties available in our country.

Crystal Minnow: Red Head ( C5 ), Black Silver ( C4 )
– Bluefish, Acorn/Toric, Barracuda.

Crystal Minnow Deep Diver: Red Head ( GHRH ), Blue Silver ( B ), Lime Green ( LM ), Green Back ( OK ) –
Sinarit, Bluefish, Toric, Barracuda, Lambuka.

Banana Boat: Blue Silver ( B ), Red Head ( HRH )
– Sea Bass and all surface fish.

Tobimaru Jr. : Red Head ( c5 ), Green Mackarel ( C133 ), Green Back ( C44 )
– Bluefish, Barracuda, Bonito.

Hardcore Drum: Matte Hot Tiger ( MHT )
– Turna

These are the colors and models that I have been able to detect so far. I will continue to add what I can detect here.

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